The Cobra Forum 1998

—3 February 1998—

theCOBRAforum, a consortium of influential Cobra replica manufacturers, suppliers, assemblers and retailers, met on Tuesday, 3 February 1998 in Los Angeles in a daylong series of round-table discussions about current issues involving the Cobra replica industry.

Cobra manufacturers begin to gather at 11:00am at Caffé Latte on L.A.’s Wilshire Blvd., to commence the day’s series of meetings. Cobra industry movers & shakers represented included MidStates, E.R.A., West Coast, Lone Star, Shell Valley, Antique & Collectible, Classic Roadsters, B&B and Superformance. House of Cobras and Finish Line (supplier of select Cobra trim components) were also represented in each of the day’s discussions.

Pictured at left, from left to right: Steve Newmark of Lone Star, Rich Anderson of Shell Valley Motors and Bob Kallio of MidStates.

Late in the day at Marina del Rey’s Ritz Carlton Hotel: Kit Car Illustrated Editor Bill Moore, at right, threatens MidStates‘ Bob Kallio with the back of his hand if Bob doesn’t enthusiastically agree with his positions on the issues. Just kidding; truth be known, in this shot Bill is futilely attempting to ’splain the punchline of one of his trademark jokes.

Discussion groups continued well into the evening, focusing on such serious issues as establishing industry standards, truth in advertising and recent engineering/performance developments.


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