A Barber Chair for Bobby

 Okay, Shelby Cobra aficionado… did you ever watch History Channel’s “American Restoration”? If so, you may have seen the episode in which a mangy old (1920s-era) Koken barber chair was restored to coordinate with the client’s 427 Superformance Cobra. Now here… just for you… is the REAL story behind the story.

Cobra Run & Gun 1997

  Run & and ‘n’ Gun Mid-Ohio Sports Car road Course July August 1997, Lexington, Ohio, 67 cars (mostly Cobras) in the event

High Noon in Troutwood

  Cash and Hank team up to declare (trademark/trade dress) war on Troutwood. CobraCountry weighed in with this ‘Mother of all Satires.’

Me ‘n’ Henry

  Few folks are aware that the U.S. Army ran perilously short of M16s and M14s during the Vietnam conflict; Curt was issued this 1861 Henry .44 rimfire carbine.

The Cobra Forum 1998

  theCOBRAforum, a consortium of influential Cobra replica manufacturers, suppliers, assemblers and retailers, met on Tuesday, 3 February 1998 in Los Angeles…