Emerson Motorsports Riverbank Bash 2004

 4th Annual ‘Riverbank Bash’ 2004
Redding, California, Saturday, 10 July 2004

 hosted/sponsored/choreographed by Janet & Jay Lamont
Photography and text by Dave Rogers and Bill Emerson

below: Emerson Motorsports’ Fourth Annual Riverbank Bash on the bank of the fast-flowing and beautiful (and icy cold!) Sacramento River.


above—a lineup of four Emerson hot rods

#1 (marbleized blue/black stripes) belongs to John Wood of Redding (it boasts a Ford 504 outputting over 700 hp, with stopping provided by 13″ Emerson brakes;

#2 (black with a marbleized stripe) belongs to Eric Marlier of Redding (outfitted with a 460 Ford, with Cobra Jet heads solid lifters. just over 600hp), also has a 900W Surround Sound stereo system with an LCD TV in the dash;

#3 (black, third from left) belongs to Troy Spears of Fremont; it’s another EMS hot rod: over 550 hp, 5-speed TKO, full-floater 9″ rear and 13″ Emerson brakes.

#4 in the distance (white/blue Emerson): that’s Terry Geiser’s race-ready EMS roadster.


above: the guest of honor: this party-prepared porker rode shotgun in Dave Rogers’ green EMS roadster for the entire 240 km road trip from Sacramento. Notice something missing? Rumour has it that Dave devoured the apple during the drive up.


above: the yellow Mustang Cobra at far left belong to Reed Wilson of Santa Rosa; then Dave Rogers’ green marbleized EMS (also in the shop photos below); Perry Alger’s purple Emerson; at right, Gary Center’s Viking Blue Unique Motorcars 289FIA


above: John Wood checking out Dave dodge’ EMS (Emerson) Cobra; directly behind John is Rich Dedarian’s EMS blue Daytona.


below: a couple of shots taken on Saturday morning in the new EMS facility


above: Dave Rogers’ EMS roadster gets its first (1,500-mile) oil change.


above: a brand-new Ford DOHC 4.6L for EMS’s new ‘XL’


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