Knott’s Berry Farm “Fun in the Sun” 2009




Cobras, Coupes and GT40s
CobraCountry coverage of the AHA’s 30th Anniversary Knott’s Berry Farm event!
Saturday & Sunday, 25 & 26 April, 2009


9:00am Saturday as the show begins.

There were over 40 Cobras, Daytona Coupes and GT40 replicas on display.


Allen Gasper’s drop-dead gorgeous Lone Star LS427.


That’s Tom Knickerbocker (in the 10-litre hat) displaying his red Cobra.

With a name like “Knickerbocker,” you’d think he’d be from New York,but he hails from La Porte, Texas.


An Electric Blue (or Avis Blue, not sure) beauty, which appears to be a Factory Five car.


Dave Martin’s trophy-winning Daytona Coupe in Swiss Red livery. Dave’s DeTomaso-adorned Ford V8 was one of the nicest powerplants in the entire show!

  • Dave’s drivetrain particulars:
  • engine: 1970 351 Ford Cleveland (built by Kenny Duttweiler of Saticoy, California), outfitted with:
    • 4 bbl. heads
    • Crane Xtreme Performance cam and adjustable stainless roller rockers
    • Blue Thunder intake with Holley 750 cfm H.P. carburetor
    • MSD ignition
    • engine is neutral balanced, heads cleaned up & polished
    • resulting specs: 11.0:1 compression (I mix ±3 gallons 100 octane with ±10 gallons 91 octane)
    • Tremec T500 transmission, Tilton hydraulic throwout bearing and Centerrforce IIclutch assembly

Dave assures us that his DeTomaso Pantera valve covers contribute
an additional 28–30 horsepower to the beast’s thrust.


Another view of the show area, still early Saturday morning. That blue sky reflects the gorgeous southern California weather that made for a splendid carshow.


Backdraft Racing’s big booth. Randy Smith’s (of Santa Clarita) maroon car is at the distant end.

Backdraft Racing was awarded this (30th Anniversary) year’s coveted
Good Manufacturing Practices trophy.


This Daytona Coupe sports a dazzling pearl white/candy apple red paint job.

This beauty snared the AHA’s Best of Show -AND- Best Engine trophys.

33coupeFFRKnottsshowThis ’33 FFR Hot Rod was built in five days at LK Motorsports in Hermosa Beach, by a band of hot rod enthusiasts, choreographed by Eric Jacobs (of Factory Five) and Langley Kersenboom of LK Motorsports.


Langley Kersenboom [LK Motorsports] built this ’33 green machine in less than a month for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

It captured ‘Best Paint’ trophy
at this 30th Anniversary Knott’s show.


Jack Lawrence’s Guardsman Blue Daytona Coupe.


Aaron Bernaby’s 427SC Cobra is a carefully-assembled (and one-of-a-kind) blend of Kirkham Motorsports aluminum coachwork and a customized Factory Five chassis.


Superformance’s big booth… and a dazzling lineup of Superformance Cobra roadsters, Daytona Coupes and GT40 MkIIs.


You may obtain information about joining the AHA (Association of Handcrafted Automobiles) and participating in its ongoing cornucopia of activities by writing to:

The Association of Handcrafted Automobiles
[membership generally in southern and central California]



The AHA actively seeks to expand its membership among fellow replicar enthusiasts, and looks forward to hearing from you!

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